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Nyrva Dragonwood Character Profile


Nyrva Miriah Dragonwood

Female Wood Elf

Protagonist and official poster girl of this website.


Nyrva Dragonwood drinking coffee (or some other hot beverage)


Nyrva’s fondness of unicorns and her intrusion into their home gets her captured and detained by a dimensional guardian who protects them. Little Wood Elf girl gets into big trouble! (She’s not harmed or killed, but horribly inconvenienced for awhile!) A dimensional guardian who protects the Valley of the Unicorns where Nyrva has intruded pursues the young elf girl, captures her, and traps her in a place called “dimension zero” – holding her live body prisoner in an alternate dimension for a time in a state of suspended animation. Nyrva remains alive- but her body is put into a complete comatose state, suspended from all normal life activity including aging. To a mere observer of such a state, Nyrva’s body would in fact, seem dead. A unicorn she has befriended named Myriah, protests the imprisonment of Nyrva thinking Nyrva has been killed and her body devoured by the guardian. Myriah asks for the body of Nyrva to be turned over to her or delivered to her home village for burial thinking Nyrva is dead. But Nyrva is eventually released and delivered alive and unharmed, to the custody of the unicorn Myriah, who is allowed to release Nyrva with a warning to never again return to the Valley of the Unicorns, under penalty of death. Nyrva is given an alternate location to go to if she wants to see the unicorns.



Roleplay poster art for Nyrva featuring a brief bio about her.


This was Nyrva out on her quest in the woods, and shown here sitting on a giant log taking a break.


I used the same pose for her “Dimension Zero” drawing just because I liked her pose here so much. This was the dimensional guardian’s capture of Nyrva for intruding upon the Unicorn’s home shown earlier in the post.  The guardian captures Nyrva alive and unharmed but imprisons her in this strange dimension for a time. She is never harmed but only held prisoner. However, in the story, Nyrva is never consciously awake while in Dimension Zero- she is aware that she is in this place held prisoner, but it’s like her captor communicates it to her subconscious, not awake. I guess she could be dreaming this?


Nyrva Dragonwood’s new facial”poster girl” shot for 2016.

All drawings and photos in this collection are original works by me.




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