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Warlords of Draenor

Return to Pandaria

Return to Pandaria

With the absolute disaster Warlords of Draenor was, I thought it would be nice to talk about some pictures and screenshots I got from Mists of Pandaria and the fact that perhaps that xpac wasn’t as bad as so many people made it out to be.


Before Patch 5.3 “Escalation” dropped and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms was destroyed, I decided to get myself a bunch of screenshots of things I knew were getting wiped out after doing the 5.3 preview on the PTR. I’m actually glad I did even though we can never see these in their “pristine” form again (to use a recently thrown-up term, BLIZZARD)  But this was the Golden Pagoda as it was before it got obliterated in 5.3.


People may remember the two giant Mogu statues before they got blown up? Here’s a shot of them.


Another shot I got at a distance of the two giant Mogu Statues in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms before they – or at least one of them was smashed in Patch 5.3.


Another shot of the Golden Pagoda as it was before.


In the early days of my guild, Brew City Horde, my shaman, Treedragon– getting some screenshot pictures with some of the Golden Lotus members. I managed to get all the achievements available at the time for the Golden Lotus under “Eternally in the Vale” on both this character and my hunter before they disappeared with patch 5.3.


This shot I’m on my hunter at the Golden Pagoda with the members of the long-deceased Golden Lotus faction, once again- the only other toon I ever got “Eternally in the Vale” on before they took it away.


The gateway leading up to the Golden Pagoda from just east of the statues in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


My hunter from back then with some old faces you can now only see in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

I have some more pictures I’ll be uploading at a later time but this is what I have for today.

Until next time… God bless!

Bigg Jim

Hide Your Sub Numbers All You Want Blizzard, Your Server Lists Don’t Lie

Hide Your Sub Numbers All You Want Blizzard, Your Server Lists Don’t Lie

Blizzard-WoW Killer

Is Blizzard killing World of Warcraft?

In 2015, the longest and most successful MMO, World of Warcraft, suffered its greatest sub losses ever. Declining from 10 million down to 5.5 million subs in less than a year, prompting Blizzard to forever forward, hide their sub numbers from the public.

Note: This graphic and posting is editorial and satirical in nature, created and used in accordance with the United States Copyright FAIR USE policy for the purpose of education, criticism and satire. 

Yes, this is a wall of text, TL;DR that hits for 99K Crit!!!!

People have speculated for years on many games being the big “WoW Killer” and they have all come and gone. So far no game has succeeded in killing World of Warcraft. But given the direction Blizzard Entertainment has taken with respect to Warlords of Draenor in many of their decisions, the lack of sufficient endgame content and just the overall lackluster nature of the expansion, and many other factors, I think it’s safe to say the only ones capable of truly killing World of Warcraft are Blizzard Entertainment themselves.

I have featured this obvious text-dub before, but when examining the content of patch 6.1 this satire often feels like how it really must have went down at Blizzard when they released it.

No one can blame other games for “stealing” their players. Many people I have met on other games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and others who left WoW, left anyway, either during Lich King, Pandaria, Cataclysm, or more than ever now, most people I talk to now list Warlords of Draenor as their reason for quitting.  They weren’t happy over the “no more flying” drama, or the lack of endgame content, or many other reasons. They’ve left WoW and found other games to enjoy and nothing is going to bring them back now. Unless of course, Blizzard something rather spectacular with respect to Legion, but it looks as if Legion may be the last “hurrah”. I have two subscriptions but I can easily let them lapse if the endgame content for Legion is just as lacking as WoD was. I strongly suspect Legion will likely be the end of the 11 year ride however, and thought I won’t name names, I call them the “3 Stooges of WoW” – the 3 main devs they always put center stage anymore I see as the problem behind the whole deal, and one of them has a LAW backround, shouldn’t even be in the Dev department. He should be in the LAWLyer division for them.

I truly believe the only ones who can kill this game are Blizzard themselves, and right now they are doing an awfully good job of it. When I got on and saw my main server Illidan, normally a FULL server, listed as a MEDIUM pop server for the second time this week, that was a major red flag to me. I haven’t seen that happen ever since I started playing WoW in October 2012. No I never played earlier than Cataclysm. Mists of Pandaria was my “gateway” expansion. And I only appreciate the sentiments of those I have talked to who have played earlier expansions and seen the changes over the years since I cannot personally relate to them.


Here is a screenshot I took this morning– 10-Apr-2016 — this is the second time this week Illidan and Sargeras have been listed as MEDIUM population servers, along with Zul’jin, and several others here normally listed as either FULL or HIGH population servers. Everything else listed as LOW population that were either medium or low, and there were 7 servers instead of the usual 1 or 2 that were flagged for “New Players” – I have not seen this since I started this game in October of 2012 and those servers always had healthy populations. No matter how much Blizzard wants to hide their sub numbers in reports they cannot hide this.

But I also have had a small background in business (though far from an expert) and I’ve been with companies who have seen mergers, or even just major changes, with people leaving the legacy company who were there for many years when they saw the changes comingthey knew when to get out. When I think of some of the big names who have left Blizzard over the last year from developers to community managers, and we can all name the names, we know who they are, it makes me wonder what they saw coming, and what changes are coming down the pike with respect to Blizzard, to World of Warcraft, etc. that prompted all these noted individuals to leave the company, and some of them rather quickly- what changes are coming that we will not see until patch 7.0 and 7.1 go live on the retail servers.

Make no mistake- I LOVE World of Warcraft. I want the game to succeed and be around for many years to come. But I fear Blizzard is going to keep making stupid decisions that will bring an untimely end to what was otherwise a modern timeless classic of a game and caused so many to lose their love of it. They’re now capitalizing on their laurels and believing their own press, making movies and children’s storybooks about it instead of focusing on making the quality content that made the game as popular as it once was. As cartooney as the game sprites look (and I think that’s why I like it, I like cartoons anyways) I still love playing the classic content. I love running Burning Crusade old raids, I love Lich King, Icecrown Citadel is my one of my favorite raids, I even like Pandaria– it was so cool to go in at level 100 and just zerg the shit out of everything I spent 9 months wiping on in Siege of Orgrimmar. I can’t wait to solo that stuff for my meta achieves and mount at level 110 – also be able to sit back and enjoy the lore in ways I could not when people wanted to rush through the raids live. but I wish the new stuff could be just as cool and I hope they can still make decisions for the better.

And as to Blizzard shutting down Nostralius – they are well within their rights to protect their intellectual property as far as that goes, and I don’t endorse private servers, for many reasons beside piracy. (too many seedy things can go wrong)

But it speaks to the issue that the server had something people wanted to boast the numbers that it did. Blizzard had better take a good hard look at this and make some decisions about what they are going to incorporate into this game from now on if they want to keep it successful and keep people subscribed.

So far Legion alpha was showing more of the same “Facebook clicky” garbage from the WoD garrisons, and if they have more of that instead of exploratory out-in-the-world content like they did in WoD, I guarantee it’s going to fail, and fail hard.

But no one is going to kill this game except for Blizzard itself. I will stand on that statement. Right now, they’re doing a darn good job of it. Maybe if they fire some of the incompetent devs I’m thinking of and bring on some better talent they can turn this thing around.

’nuff said.

Until next time, God bless!

Bigg Jim  (aka Jade Draggon/Nyrvachan)

FF XIV, WoW Xmogs, and whatever…

4/4/16 – Roleplaying, Hobbies, FF XIV, WoW XMOGS, and Whatever…

NOTICE 11-APR-2016: MATURE content has been removed from this post. To view mature version, please visit my mature blog at darkforest.nyrva.org. Any previous postings will NOT be edited for content, however future postings on THIS site will not contain mature content. All mature content will be on darkforest.nyrva.org. Thank you.


A drawing I did of my character Nyrva, playing World of Warcraft.


Probably the best video game sprite adaptation of my character Nyrva ever- from Gaia Online– except I never use that site much anymore since they got TekTek.org shut down and they stopped running their zOMG mini MMO. While I made this sprite on Gaia itself, I actually made a lot of sprites on TekTek because it was the only way I could make fully nude ones. But the site was also useful for visualizing your sprite with things you couldn’t always get your hands on, on Gaia if you didn’t have the “Gaia gold” to buy it with or whatever, especially considering how screwed up and severely over-inflated that site’s game economy has long since become where everything now costs billions of gold and impossible to get. And for what? Just to pin a specific graphic item on your sprite to stand around and chat in the Rally there? Really?


My wood elf character, Nyrva Dragonwood in a black variant version of one of her outfits. This would be Nyrva on her quest to find the ruins of her people before being taken on the road by bandits and robbed of everything she has, drugged, stripped, and left for dead. The original of this was of her in the nude, so the outfit was added later digitally.

This is Part III in my Machinima series –

World of Warcraft Meets Skyrim Part III

The instability between the worlds of Skyrim and Azeroth continue to expand and now a permanent stable portal between the two worlds has formed allowing the free passage of people and beings from either world to freely pass between Skyrim and Azeroth. To make the situation worse, Horde and Alliance soldiers entering Skyrim have also brought their fighting with them as well, and even to Skyrim’s towns and villages. This also allows the Dovahkiin, Nyrva, a first hand brief look at Elwynn Forest, seeing for herself the might of the Alliance of Azeroth. She eventually comes to realize both the Alliance and the Horde could easily plunder and destroy Skyrim, and seeks to find a way to separate their worlds again.

Problems worsen when Elisif the Fair of Solitude attempts to persuade the Alliance to help her overthrow Ulfric Stormcloak, and crush the dominant Stormcloak Rebellion for Ulfric’s alleged murder of her husband, the High King Torygg. This means Skyrim is now officially pulled into the Alliance and Horde conflict as well, as the Dragonborn, who has fought with the Stormcloaks to overthrow the Empire’s and the Aldimeri Dominion’s hold on Skyrim, assembles a group of Horde and Stormcloaks to stop Elisif’s plan. When she sees so many Stormcloaks fall to defend against Elisif’s plan, she sees how fragile the armies of Skyrim are against the more advanced armies of Alliance and the Horde.

What’s even worse are known dungeons which were part of Azeroth, that have materialized in Skyrim, have now become farming grounds for Skyrim’s natives to hunt down and claim for themselves, Azerothian weapons. As people begin to collect these weapons, new hopes of overthrowing the Aldimeri Dominion begin to surface, but it means the corruption of the people of Skyrim with weapons they were never meant to have.

The Dovahkiin also finally meets the Pandaren monk who originally came to Skyrim, whose epoch stone she left there may in fact be responsible for this whole situation. Where does it all go from here?

Side note: I also tried to throw in some fun little nods and digs to WoW players I hope people will enjoy.


This proudly sits atop my desk- here’s my figure of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft who normally stands proudly atop my computer. (I just took her down for this shot). I don’t think it really looks like her too much, especially the face. The should have hired a better sculptor.


I mentioned catgirl figures, this is one of them. This is my figure of Cham Cham from Samurai Showdown– I also have the normal green-haired version with the yellow tiger-striped outfit. This is blue-haired, white tiger variant, rare and hard to find, from Japan. I also have 3 different figures of Felicia from Darkstalkers.


I just love how my Skyrim “Nyrva” looks in Forsworn gear – now it’s almost the only gear I use.


This is another one I’d love to have a figure made of- I always considered it one of my iconic drawings of my character Nyrva, but it’s of her just drinking coffee. Wood elf drinking coffee- I just think that’s cool. Would be neat to have a figure of her standing of my desk like that.


I normally play my character “Nyrva” as an elf, but in this case, she’s a catgirl in Final Fantasy XIV. The female elves in that game are just too disproportionate with small peanut heads on large man-like bodies with man-like shoulder widths- and those are their female elves for Pete’s sake! So “Nyrva” is a catgirl in FF XIV.

I needed another game to get into in case I decided to break from World of Warcraft – if Legion ends up being as lackluster, lacking in substantive endgame content, and cruddy as Warlords of Draenor has been. I play a bit more passive on Final Fantasy XIV right now which is why my character is still in the noob zone at level 13. But I least have another game to dive into if needed.


So far the only outfit I do like for my toon in this game is her starter gear, so I guess once I figure out what this game’s version of transmogrification is maybe I can set her best gear to look like her starter set? I have no idea how that works yet. Apparently one toon can play all classes and never has to trash their gear. It’s not like World of Warcraft where each toon has their set class with gear restrictions based upon that class. FF XIV reminds me a lot of when I played Final Fantasy Tactics on the original Playstation when every character in the party learned all jobs/classes- leveled them all, could be/play them all, etc. Except in this case you have one toon who can literally become a “jack of all trades, master of all”.


Oh, noes! They killed her! I got in over my head against some mobs. Apparently you don’t “die” you’re just “KO’ed” but what’s the difference? You can’t continue playing until you “awaken” your character wherever they are set to “hearth” back to, or unless someone rezzes you and there is, like in WoW, the matter of durability damage every time you get KO’ed just like when you die in WoW- which means “good job, Captain Repair Bill” when you “die for being stupid” like I did in this case.


One thing for sure about FF XIV, very story-rich, a lot of RP like in WoW during many of the main story line quests for your character. So that’s always a plus. But in this case, unlike being just “hero” or “champion” like in WoW, just another “warrior” for the Alliance or Horde, your character in FF XIV IS the story. This story is about YOU, the hero. There is no “Alliance” or “Horde”, no factions, YOU are the star of the story in FF XIV.


Moving onto World of Warcraft transmog, This is a mockup of a Frostwolf transmog leather set sold in Vol’jin’s Spear in Tanaan– but this comes from a toybox item. So my hunter can wear the toybox item for a half hour- I actually like her in it. But since the real set is leather it won’t transmog onto her mail set.


Another shot of my hunter in the toybox item set.


This is my monk wearing the leather set.


And another shot. Monks in World of Warcraft have shitty transmog choices prior to Pandaria especially due to limited transmog tier options. So it’s hard to find decent sets. But just imagine how shitty it will be for Demon Hunters in Legion since they won’t be able to use any tier prior to Legion.


Still one of my favorite boss encounters of all, along with Garrosh Hellscream himself, the Lich King. And I got my monk here, getting a picture with the Lich King wearing her Shado Pan transmog.


The Shado Pan NPC, Tenwu of the Red Smoke dons the chest and legs of the Rogue’s Tier 6 armor from the Black Temple, so I did the same thing with my own Rogue and made her look like a Shado Pan as well and like my monk, Milwaukee, using the Underdweller Spaulder shoulder set from Dragon Soul, to be worn on them in the same fashion as Taran Zhu’s single tiger head shoulder piece. To top it off, I formed my own guild for her called <Shado Pan> along side my own <Brew City Horde> guild, and made her the only toon in it. So now my rogue, Yakusa, runs around with <Shado Pan> under her name in addition to looking like one, and having for herself, the name of the Japanese Mafia as her own name. (Pandaren, mock-Asian panda race, a rogue is your basic “thief class”, so… “Yakusa” is a perfect name to me.) To really add to it I made her my jewelcrafter. So your basic thief class, named after the Japanese Mafia, picks locks, picks pockets, is the one who cuts the gems and jewels, etc. – I just loved the total package of it all.

A WoW Machinima Tribute – For Han Solo

A tribute to Han Solo, one of my all time favorite childhood heros, brutally killed by an emo punk Kylo Ren, who desperately deserves to die. So I put that in a machinima, and I hope he dies in the next Star Wars VIII. And I think Snoke is Darth Plageius the Wise, I don’t care what others think, so there! 😛

Machinima – “Party Like a Rock Star” Hair Metal version

Everyone knows the song by the Shop Boyz, but this is a machinima I just released with my characters and the L90ETC Tauren Chieftans jamming to the HAIR METAL version of the song- artists unknown. It was something I found on iTunes under the name Radical Re-Interpretions but they credit absolutely no musicians as far as who played what on the song. (the jerks!) but it sounds like Mark Slaughter on vocals to me, not sure who else might be playing.


A shot of my Skyrim toon clone of Nyrva strirring soup. I caught Sylvanas Windrunner doing that since I have her as a Skyrim follower as well. But missed out getting a shot of it, that was trippy. I hope to catch her in the act at some point and put it on this blog. What kind of soup would the Banshee Queen make? lol!

And FOUL on killing Superman in Batman vs Superman, if you bring him back, that’s BS. That whole thing of killing off characters and bringing them back has been done into the ground and done to death. It’s just so old, give it a rest already. Leave Superman dead then.

Despite the one issue, I LOVED Batman vs Superman despite many critic reviews and fans poo-pooing the movie. But I think for myself and my opinion is my own. I am actually looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie and the Justice League movie as well. I’m not so interested in Suicide Squad– that’s like playing Grand Theft Auto to me, I’m more into the heroes, I don’t care about the villains. I like to see the good guys beat the villains, but I’m oldschool, so I’ll leave it at that.

That’s all I got for now! Until next time, next blog!

Peace out! God bless!

Feel free to comment me on Twitter! @Nyrvachan

Until next time.

Bigg Jim

aka Jade Draggon/Nyrvachan

Waiting for #Legion

Waiting for #Legion

WARNING: Some content on this page not suitable for some viewers or those under 18


Blizzard, having failed to learn “the lessons of Pandaria” as it were, as with Siege of Orgrimmar, has us all now sitting a second expansion in a row waiting well in excess of a year for new content to drop. Blizzard’s own promotional materials lists September 21, 2016 as the “release by” date for the forthcoming Legion expansion.


Blizzard’s own promotional materials confirm we have a long way to go before #Legion drops.

What to do until then?


If one stays subscribed to World of Warcraft, there is plenty of old content to catch up on. This of course is a great time to level alts, farm gold, farm transmog, achievements and the like. And now is a good time to take advantage of garrison gold missions since Blizzard is taking them all away when #Legion drops.


I for one am looking forward to the new transmog system where all transmog items will be shared account-wide. In this case, my hunter, Nyrva’s ability to hide her footwear with the item Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes (no longer obtainable in the game – it was only available during patch 5.3) will be shared with any other toons I want to use them on in the game.

I have been leveling alts myself, and catching up on some achievements during the wait. I wouldn’t recommend any further garrison or shipyard development at this stage, especially if you can craft your own gear for your toons and farm Kazzak for ilevel 700 drops and any baleful items you can get out of Tanaan Jungle. It would cost lest to buy a weekly raid token for 500g at this point out of Ashran than to sink thousands into new garrison development now here at the end of the expansion. And I wouldn’t go gung-ho on obtaining mats anymore either since they’re selling for peanuts at auction house these days. The scent of the expansion’s end is well in the air and there’s still 6 months of waiting for #Legion to drop.

But I’ve also been playing my other favorite games such as Skyrim and Rocket League, and trying out some other games as well.


This is my clone of Nyrva – my Skyrim character in Skyrim.

Screenshot_20160228_161438 Screenshot_20160228_151202

As “Nyrva” in The Elder Scrolls Online now as well. I scored a copy for $9.95 off of CDKeys.com and since a subscription is no longer required to play it, I figured TESO can be a nice “filler” game between now and Legion.

Apparently there is no future for an Elder Scrolls VI since Elder Scrolls Online came out and Bethesda is entirely fixated and obsessed with Fallout 4, so any hope of a conclusion to the Aldmeri Dominion/Thalmor story in Skyrim is solely left up to the fans. But that is an entirely different discussion altogether.

(I would personally like another Elder Scrolls game while my computer that I currently own that plays Skyrim is still sort of state-of-the-art so I can keep Skyrim with all my current addons and mods and Steam games that I like, thank you Bethesda.)


If nothing else, I guess we can help the Stormcloaks overthrow the filthy Imperial Thalmor lapdogs, crown Ulfric Stormcloak high king of Skyrim and then liberate Skyrim from the Thalmor once and for all? (I figure I have to write my own conclusion since Bethesda won’t give us one.)


Nyrva Dragonwood – nude female wood elf pose. A word about roleplay: While I don’t talk in character in games, I do use my original character “Nyrva” as a basic roleplay character in a lot of games. Nyrva is an original character of mine I created back in the late 90s, defined as a female wood elf. This is a character drawing I did of her which simply defines her anatomical appearance. While I can’t exactly duplicate this appearance in most games, I usually end up roleplaying a female elf with brown hair with the name “Nyrva”.


This is an older drawing, but Nyrva standing by the oceanside in her birthday suit. I keep wanting to do an update drawing. Seeing as I haven’t done any drawing in awhile I’m about due for some. Nudes aren’t the only thing I do, but sometimes I don’t always have costume designs I like for my characters so I just do artistic nudes.


Another drawing I did of Nyrva Dragonwood nude in the forest.


If you don’t like nudes, here’s my classic drawing of Nyrva drinking coffee. Do wood elves drink coffee? I have no idea- this one does I guess! lol!


Gaia Online and TekTek.org were two sites I liked to use to make sprites of my character Nyrva such as this one- of her naked and shackled. (I think I may actually draw this one of these days! haha!) But Gaia sucks ever since they shut down their fun little Zomg MMO and closed down TekTek. All they have now is an over-inflated economy where you might as well cheat to buy Gaia gold if you want to obtain any character items worth talking about, but seriously who cares? It’s just pixels on a dress-up virtual doll. I originally joined thinking it was some kind of online game with anime-like sprites.


“Nyrva” is not the only character I have played of course – my main for Warlords of Draenor has largely been my Pandaren monk, Milwaukee.


Xandrelle (Zan-drell’) – my Ret Pally is my latest level 100 for Warlords and my boosted character for Legion– but it wasn’t without me leveling her to level 70 first so I could get some idea of how to play a pally, and of course it let me get the profession bonus since I leveled her to 60 before boosting.


Wisconsinmoo is my Tauren Balance Druid (Boomkin) – I boosted him in Mists of Pandaria but as a Feral at the time. I never really spent any time trying to play the character so he ended up shelved for a long time, except for being used in a few of my machinima videos as a character “extra”. But out of boredom in the last couple months I decided to bring him to the server I’ve been playing on, level him to 100 and get to know the class. I switched from Feral to Boomkin and still trying to figure out the rotation but I suppose by the time I got it down Legion will drop and I’ll have to figure it out all over again. Go figure! But I figure with the long wait for #Legion this is a great time to level new toons and experiment with new classes.


Another thing I did was get my Playstation 2 emulator on my computer up and running, PCSX2, so I can run my favorite Playstation 2 games, which include among others, all my favorite arcade classics from back in the day.

Here is a video I did playing Joust on my PCSX2 emulator, then doing the Joust quest in Mt. Hyjal for an achievement in World of Warcraft – talk about catching up on those achievements, right?


Experimenting with an underground bath house addon in Skyrim- this one had a shower room. But it caused too much conflict with other addons, so I had to “86” it.


Working on my “WoW Meets Skyrim III” video – setting up different shot ideas. It’s helpful to have a mod with Sylvanas Windrunner as a follower. I guess some of the extra time is giving me more time to work on Machinima. I’m burned out on raiding lately anyways.

This was my WoW Meets Skyrim II video – a bit long but it sets up the story for what’s coming in Part III.



I guess this could be a shot for the “Sports Illustrated Nude Elf” edition? My Dragonborn, Nyrva, standing atop some rocks near Whiterun.


There’s always time to mess around on Skyrim…


Vladimir Kulich as Ulfric Stormcloak (there is an actual mod of this on Nexusmods).

That’s all I got for now.

Until next time! Take care and God bless!

Jade Draggon

February Blog 2016

February Blog 2016

General thoughts, World of Warcraft, Gaming, or whatever I feel like talking about…


My character “Nyrva” as played in Skyrim. At least Blizzard devs don’t have any say about what I get to do here.

Blizzard Does It Again

Just as the issue of flying in Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard once again seeks to dictate what our gaming experiences should be in Legion with limited “artifact” weapons.


It’s Blizzard’s “Class Fantasy”, Not Yours!

Many may remember all the drama Blizzard devs recently caused all the fans and players of World of Warcraft in Warlords of Draenor over the issue of flying over the last 2+ years. It started with them saying we’ll get it in patch 6.1 at Blizzcon 2013, and by Bashiok, to “No Flying in 6.1”. But the Capital Hill politician-style waffle-iron flip-flopping doesn’t stop there as lead World of Warcraft game designer, Ion Hozzakostas, on Friday May 22, 2015, the friday of Memorial Day Weekend, drops the biggest bombshell of all when he announces; not through an official Blizzard website, but through a third-party website, Paragon, that we will never get to fly again in Warlords or any future World of Warcraft expansion.


Needless to say this announcement caused a major backlash among the user fan base, resulting in 10 major Battle.net forum threads, tons of messages on Twitter, a boat ton of commentary and fan videos on YouTube- resulting in Blizzard eventually having to backtrack and compromise allowing flying provided certain in-game conditions were met. And admittedly, while I think a bit excessive, not entirely unreasonable to say “do this content, you get to fly” but it unlocked flying on all characters. But the controversy didn’t end there- to this day there is no clearly defined timeline on when players will be able to unlock flying in Legion, just that it will “work similar” to “Warlords”. Stay tuned…


If Taking Flying Away Wasn’t Bad Enough…


Welcome to Legion where the BLIZZARD DEVS decide your “Class Fantasy”!

Legion is the newly announced expansion, hastily announced, seemingly, in response to severely sagging subscription numbers last summer, which Blizzard has since stated they are no longer going to make public.  It was announced last summer at Gamescon in Europe before a seemingly unenthusiastic crowd by their “usual suspects” in crime- Ion Hozzakostas, Alex Afrasiabi, and Dave Kosak.  The very three devs who stirred the pot on the flying issue and upset a lot of people were put center stage for this annoncement. Nowhere did we see Chris Metzen who was better suited to stir excitement about an expansion if anyone could do it. And Blizzard gave a mere 4 hours to WoW for Blizzcon 2015, so they paid their biggest game mere lip service while propping up other shit games of theres like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and other copycat games of theirs they apparently expect to eventually replace WoW with apparently. Meanwhile they’re buying up Candy Crush and other shit games while releasing minimal content for Warlords- consisting of more Facebook-style clicky garrison mission crap. We all know the failures of Warlords.

The lack of substantive content in patch 6.1 inspired satirical videos such as this one.

So we’re going to trust these three devs to provide substantive content in Legion? We’ll see! They better or the party is over for the longest standing MMO in history.

 So Here We Go Again Blizzard…

Just as you did with flying, Blizzard, you have set out to dictate and control what player  experience is with respect to what weapons they get to have on their characters based on the “Class Fantasy” (you guys are all the sudden fixated on this new fetish and term of yours) that YOU, not the player, have for our characters we are all paying $15 a month to play. And how? By assigning each character an artifact weapon with no other options other than that weapon. There will be no other weapons in Legion, and you will be stuck with this weapon type for the whole of Legion. You can transmog but only into the same weapon style that the item will transmog into. A Windwalker Monk fist weapon cannot transmog, let’s say, into a 1-handed sword or axe, you’re stuck with a fist weapon, period. Unless there is a major player-base uprising over this issue like there was about flying we’re stuck with whatever weapon designs the Blizzard devs, not we as players, think we should have. It’s their “class fantasy”, and not ours.


Not to worry! Don’t like the item? You can use this nice, handy paint-by-number style system to just change the color and, voila! Now you have a weapon that’s different than your friend has! …not!

I’m getting the xpac myself, and I have mixed feelings not just because of this but because of all the recycling they seem to be doing of old content trying to make it new. But if this expansion is not just awesome from day one all the way through, I think Legion is where I will hang it up. And with subscription numbers the lowest they have been since Vanilla and Blizzard now concealing them from now on, I’m sure it will be the nail in the coffin for a lot of people if Legion doesn’t deliver, sadly.

Flying, Legion, and Other Stuff…


Original artwork I did of my own original character, Nyrva Dragonwood, depicted as playing World of Warcraft in this scene.  The digital screenshot of WoW was added to the drawing.

Flying in Warlords of Draenor… Finally! …plus Legion and Other stuff…


I still can’t believe we finally got flying but I have become the cynic when it comes to anything that comes out of the mouth of Ion Hozzakostas or any other developer from Blizzard Entertainment anymore.  A feature that has been in World of Warcraft since “Burning Crusade” has become a tool of controversy and endless e-drama by the World of Warcraft developers since Blizzcon 2013. First we were supposed to get it in 6.1, then Alex Afrasiabi pushes it back to “wait and see” status again, then Ion Hozzakostas waits until the Friday before Memorial Day weekend of all dates to tell us, “Oh, by the way, never again…” and these announcements did not even come on official Blizzard sources but through interviews on other 3rd party websites.

So Blizzard’s constant waffling on the issue combined with their unwillingness to be forthright about their intentions through their own official sources to me destroys their credibility. I figure we can dismiss anything they say from now on- only believe what you actually get in the game. They called 6.1 a “major content patch” when all we got was a raid (released prior to the actual patch) and a selfie camera that does nothing more than link to your Twitter account and give them free “trending now” publicity via Twitter- nothing but a thinly-veiled, cheap, marketing tool.

We were promised flying “eventually” with a 6.2.x patch that was to be “weeks” that ended up being over 2 months in the waiting, and well after 6.2 was released. So in reality, Warlords of Draenor was a complete piece of s**t xpac with only one true major content patch, and that was 6.2 with 1 new zone, true new content, and a raid.

So we finally did get our flying IF we jumped through all of the “proper hoops” and earned our “Pathfinder” achievements. And we got flying now basically when the xpac is over and the content is worthless now.


But did you think they would learn after causing so much drama? Of course not. Ion Hazzakostas turned around and announces flying won’t be available right away in Legion either, won’t be forthright again of when it will unlock- they’ll probably pull what they did with this xpac. As far as I’m concerned these devs are just abusing the fan base, and it won’t change until fans start voting with their wallets. We have seen a sharp drop in subs down to 5.6 million and I was curious to see what the Q3 numbers are for 2015 if they haven’t fallen further. But it looks like we’ll have to do the same song and dance BS we had to do in Legion if we want to unlock flying.

 Unfortunately starting with Q3 and beyond, the Blizzard subscription numbers are now “classified” as Blizzard just recently announced they will no longer be releasing this information. So when you’re playing on your dead and dying server, that will be your only gauge for the health of the game from now on. Blizzard also stated their focus would be on profits. So it’s about the money and keeping people on the grind, they don’t care about the players at all now.


Blizzard and the Lessons of Pandaria… FAIL!

You would think after letting everybody sit for 14 months on Siege of Orgrimmar with no new content that Blizzard would not make the same mistake twice. 


World of Warcraft “Legion” is set to release “on or before Sept 21, 2014” — 14 months after the release of patch 6.2, the final patch of Warlords of Draenor, just like Siege of Orgrimmar.

What are players supposed to do with Vol’mar or Lion’s Watch for the next year until then?

I figure I’ll work on alts and older content and achievements, but if Legion ends up sucking as bad as Warlords did, I’ll be done with WoW. Not because I hate WoW, but because of Blizzard and their incompetant idiocy and decisions ever since this expansion came out.

I suppose we will have to wait and see.

Blizzard Backtracks – Players Can Fly with Conditions

In a recent Dev Watercooler article, Ion Hazzaokostas has stated now that players in World of Warcraft will be able to use flying mounts after all, but with the condition of meeting certain achievement requirements, which are laid out in the blog article.

Whether Blizzard actually delivers remains to be seen. I believe they were never going to implement flying ever again and were looking for ways to break it to the player base- attempting to condition players to accept no flying. But the massive backlash from the WoW community showed a large percentage of the population supports and wants flying. I am counted among them.

We’ve won this round. Let’s see what they do with this come next expansion– will they try and take flying from us again? Or will they do like they said and use what they discussed in the Dev Watercooler article as a model for flight going forward? We shall see.

Players Grounded Permanently in World of Warcraft

Players of World of Warcraft will NEVER FLY AGAIN in any future WoW expansion Thanks to the Trolling Devs at Blizzard that is…


Ian Hazzikostas Confirms Flying Will Never Resurface in World of Warcraft in an interview…

Trolling developers such as Ian Hacksmyaccountas confirmed today in an interview with polygon.com today that Blizzard, after months of trolling players and making people wait for a decision on this issue ever since Blizzcon 2013 (well over a year and a half since the announcement of the xpac) that flying will not be returning to World of Warcraft.


After making people wait for over 18 months for a final decision on this issue this is what we finally get. Why?

“”It made the world feel in many ways much smaller,” he says.”

Here’s what the deal is:

Blizzard has been skimping on content ever since patch 5.3 – which I completed in a single night. Much of 5.4 was dragged out way too long, well over 13 months. 6.0 was something I did in 2 nights on 5 toons.

The drop of WoD had people leveling from 90-100 in a week. Everything is really skimpy this xpac, with much smaller zones and lack of any useful content after ilvl 610 in any of the world zones. Even the Apexis Dailies lost their luster with the daily grinds, and then the removal of being able to complete them in raid groups. Much of the treasure you find in zones are chests with nothing above ilvl 600 after completing Super Mario-style jump puzzles to get to the damn things.

Patch 6.1 came… wait! It had a raid and a selfie camera. Oh, wait, sorry… Blackrock Foundry got released early, so all 6.1 had was a damn selfie camera linked to your twitter account so Blizz could benefit from people’s constant “Tweets”. But still no substantive content. 6.2 will be a new zone and raid that everyone will be finished with inside of 2-3 months, outside of gear farming and progression in some guilds.

The whole reason they don’t want you to fly is because of how small the zones really are, and how fast you will cross the world map if you can fly on your own mount.

I have not purchased any new store mounts since the Iron Skyreaver- I never bought the Collector’s Edition mount and now I won’t. I never bought that $30 red horse GROUND mount or anything released since and I won’t.

 We’ll have to see what the backlash and sub losses are from fans who love flying.

Meanwhile… Final Fantasy XIV is allegely set to release an expansion of it’s own MMO with flying. I’m out to check that out and see what their content is like, and additionally, what open-world, sandbox RPGs are out there besides Skyrim that I can get into as a potential replacement for WoW.

Warlords of Draenor 6.2 Thoughts…

Thoughts on Warlords of Draenor 6.2

I don’t often write speculation posts about WoW but in this case I figure I’ll make an exception.


Blizzard’s silence on this issue is very strange and suspicious- they have managed to totally divide their fan base on yet again another issue.

I am pro-flying and will always be pro-flying. I totally agree that flying while leveling and perhaps during certain content would not be appropriate- but in the general world zones after you have leveled I believe it should be allowed and that people who do not like flying should simply not use it.

Blizzard it seems refuses to give a solid yes or no answer to this question after reneging on the issue with patch 6.1 when they originally said at Blizzcon 2013 we’d get flying then.

They delete any threads on the public forums where people say they want flying- as if Blizzard does not care what the fan base thinks. threads about flying are locked and deleted quickly by Blizzard devs and forum censors who don’t want people lobbying for this feature in the game. Interesting to note is that all pro-flying messages get tons of upvotes while anti-flying messages get downvoted hard.

Blizzard’s release of the skimpiest patch ever- 6.1 which only consisted of a selfie camera that ties to Twitter so they can dupe fans into giving them free publicity on twitter – begs the question to me of how committed Blizzard still is to providing their subscribers quality game content.

Will flying be part of 6.2? I want flying myself- and if I had the money to buy 51% stock in Activision/Blizzard– the Blizzard devs would have to choose between allowing flight or losing their jobs (yes I would really do that– no flying until level cap, then a questline or something to get flying, etc. they would be required to put this in or be sent to the street to find work elsewhere.)

But given how Blizzard refuses to touch on this issue at all and constant censors any fan attempt to discuss this- it’s probably safe to assume flying will not be returning to World of Warcraft any time soon, if ever.

This begs another question as to why they are selling store mounts that fly when you cannot fly with them in current content.

Until next time…

God bless! 😀

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