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Blizzard Shuts down Nostalrius Private Server

Blizzard Shuts down Nostalrius Private Server

Editorial blog –

In the last few days, the net has been buzzing about Blizzard Entertainment’s latest blow to WoW fans, which involves a recent court injunction allowing them to shut down the fan-run, non-profit, private Vanilla WoW server, Nostalrius, according to PC Gamer and various other sites.

With plummeting subscriber numbers in 2015 alone down to 5.5 million and Blizzard’s decision to stop publishing WoW subscriber numbers to hide their apparent embarrassment, especially in light of their complete mismanagement of their latest expansion failure known as Warlords of Draenor, do they really believe this is going to help their present situation? help their public image? help restore lost subscriptions and bring those players back to the current version of WoW?

Blizzard, it seems, for the last 2 years with WoD, and certain devs I could mention in charge, has made one blunder after another in my estimation. Videos are already emerging on YouTube with plenty of well-justified fan reaction to the situation.

Where does the drama go from here? Only time will tell. Hopefully these guys can put this server where Blizzard can’t touch it. I don’t care about playing Vanilla WoW myself but I think the option is neat. And Blizzard constantly refuses to open up some Vanilla servers despite fan outcry for them to do so, and does everything they can to snuff out the fans’ desire for this content.

Blizzard does a cease and desist on this – but fans do machinimas, they do raid videos, what’s the difference? People openly use Blizzard’s content all the time. Blizzard is well within their right to protect their copyright where they see fit, and I understand that.  However, they ignore the fact that a significant number of fans want these legacy servers. I don’t play on them for the record, but if Blizzard were to offer legacy servers of their own as part of their service for my monthly subscription I might be inclined to try it.

And seriously, with all the people peeved off over how shoddy Warlords is as an xpac, do they seriously think shutting down this server is going to bring these people back to the live game? How many of these people are those who quit somewhere along the way or don’t care for the current version of WoW to begin with?

And the direction they appear to be going with Legion is no better with more ability pruning, and cookie cutter weapons, and play styles, etc. Blizzard doing everything they can to completely dictate what the player experience “ought” to be according to the whims of their devs again.

Where does it go from here? Only time will tell. I’ll be grabbing my popcorn, sitting back and watching what happens on the internet with respect to this present development. Like when Metallica shut down Napster and a billion more “baby Napsters” popped up, will we see people taking the code for Nostalrius and popping up 20 servers like it? Will people get smart and put them somewhere Blizzard will have a harder time flexing their “legal” arm? It all remains to be seen. Meanwhile Blizzard – why not hire these guys on and BUY this server and operate it officially?

FOR THE RECORD – I don’t advocate private servers. There are too many problems, not to mention violating your TOS with your live game. But I think Blizzard should think again about the idea of opening their own legacy servers based on the popularity of this one. Maybe require people to purchase and subscribe to the latest content to access it? There’s all kinds of ways to handle it from the business side of it, but it’s clear people want the legacy content.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now.

Until next time…

Bigg Jim (aka Nyrvachan/Jade Draggon)





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